Our Story

In 2004, a group of people who had served as staff members of various touring theatres talked about their experiences with those theatres. They discussed what they perceived were the strengths and weaknesses of each theatre and what they would do differently “if they ran the place.” Although they didn’t know it at the time, it was out of this meeting that Capstone Theatricals was born.

Capstone Theatricals is dedicated to providing high quality entertainment at an affordable cost. But, equally as important as what the audience sees onstage, this company values the relationship that the staff of each venue has with us.

Our goal is to make your working relationship with us as pleasant an experience as possible. We recognize that each venue is unique with its own personality and that the people who work in the space every day know it better than anyone. We view our relationship with each venue as a partnership. Therefore, we want the advice and counsel of the people who know the space the best. In regard to everything we do mounting and publicizing the show, we want to focus on what we can do for you, rather than what we cannot. For example, if your local newspaper wants a phone interview with a cast member, we will make it happen. If you want a television interview with a cast member once we get in town, we will make every effort to see that it’s done. If we need to make special arrangements with loading the show into the venue, just let us know and if it is at all feasible, we will do it. If you want a meet-and-greet following a performance, say the word and you’ve got it. Our job is to help you fill the house and to make your overall experience with us pleasant. We will do whatever it takes to make both a reality. Never hesitate to ask us to do those extra things that can add so much…we’re glad to do it. It’s our job!

As we said, we want to create a partnership with each of our venues. That’s why we will seek your advice on ways to make our programming and services better for you. At the end of each of our visits, we will ask you to evaluate our production, staff and supporting materials. Our aim is to make sure that you are completely satisfied with our productions and services.

A lot of production companies want to make the working experience pleasant. The Capstone Theatricals difference is that we make it a priority!